How to nominate titles for the 2011-12 list:

  • Participating schools propose lists of titles representing a range of interest and reading levels. Schools may invite students and teachers to nominate their favorite titles. The lists may include non-fiction and fiction.
  • There is no limit to the number of titles schools can nominate.
  • All titles for the 2011 list must have 2009-2011 copyright.
  • The Panda Steering Committee will select 12 titles for every reading list.
  • There will be four awards: the Young Readers, the Middle Readers, the Older Readers, and the Mature Readers.

Young Readers:

Middle Readers:

Older Readers:

Mature Readers:

ACAMIS: 12 March 2011

Concerns; ideas; suggestions; decisions

John Byrne-suggested steering committee to help decide the short list once the initial list is made.
Follett sales rep Karl Dzelzkalns said he would ask by Monday, March 14th, how long it would take for Follett to pull together a list of the top international book titles in the last two years –geared toward the four panda categories*
*Note: Beth Gourley pointed out that the “mature read” category had very little feedback. The winning title had 17 votes (5 of those known votes were from IST and 1 was from the WAB librarian), so the librarians present felt amenable to having just 3 categories this year, so that would be limiting the Panda participants to elementary and middle school. The consensus was that high school students are too busy for leisure reading.
Another thought would be to still have the mature reading for any HS or adult in the community?
Of course, we can take the Follett-generated list and add/subtract to the suggestions. Trish said the books have to have been published in the last two years

Karl agreed to get Follett to be in charge of posters and bookmarks (Josianne who has previously created the stunning posters would prefer for Follett to take on that component; Christina asked if Follett also could generate special Panda stickers.

Christina asked how many copies of each title did schools purchase; John Byrne (WAB) said 10 each; Rina (BCIS) said 1 each. Josianne (IST) said 3 each.

Beth Gourley suggested using SLIC since it already has the explanation of Panda Awards there. All in attendance agreed.
Talk was to also use GoodReads as was used last year for the Panda group book selection, but there has been connectivity problems, so that idea was nixed.

Make sure to include Nadine Rosevar (ISB) and Karen (Dulwich) in this conversation

Suggestion was to also join the Beijing Library network to keep abreast of what is going on in the Beijing library world.

1. Beth will make a link off the Panda Award Discussion page within SLIC (she will have it completed by 3-12-2011)
2. Karl—will find out by March 14 and report to us what Follett’s turn around time will be for the list of books
3. April 29 deadline for the final list for the 2011-12 Panda Awards list to be completed for all participating schools. The thinking is this: Doing so will allow librarians to 1) place the order then to insure delivery by August 2)get the kids thinking about buying the titles over the summer break and reading them

Check out the website if you haven’t yet:

Database consortium:

Suji Hart still interested but swamped, so Christina will get her school back in the loop.
Tarn McDonald said he never heard back , so will resend and update vendors
No time to further discuss. Josianne asked Christina to make sure that the next ACAMIS (2012) have a librarians’ meeting component to discuss concerns, ideas, etc.
Christina said that she would email everyone on the consortium list some current questions and will include a response request—Also, please email Christina if your school has decided to plan to budget in some of the trial DBs for next year. She is just interested in the name of the databases for each vendor that the school has elected to plan to use for 2011-12 year. She will continue to correspond with vendors.