Conference Notes

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Discussion of how Web 2.0 plays a part in the library.
Discussed how some tools like wikis, study wiz and Moodle are used in the classrooom.

In addition it was recommended to listen to Linking to Thinking by David Weinberger and Nova Spivack who presented
at ALA's Midwinter 2009 OCLC Symposium which discusses the future of Web 3.0 (Semantic Web) and 4.0 (Intelligent Web).
Alan November has good insights, an example is his early piece Teaching Zack to Think. In addition his Information Literacy quiz is a good tool for staff to initially assess their own skills.

General Recommendations:

Use Librarians' Internet Index (I use it all the time.)

Use Debbie Abilock's Noodletools, there are a number of exellent free software tools available. There are also a variety of packages one can to subscribe to for full benefits of the site.
Her Choose the Best Search for your Information Need is free, and students will definitely benefit.

Learn how to use RSS to control the information you want to read.
For RSS readers, suggested GoogleReader
Another way of organizing information is with
Social bookmarking tools like Delicious or Diigo

Destiny Features

The new 9.0 upgrade in Destiny opens up possibilities of linking documents to the OPAC. The new feature makes it easy to publish links and documents in the school OPAC.

Z-sources for Chinese
台湾中央图书馆 210 INNOPAC
台湾大学 210 innopac
香港中文大学 210 innopac
香港城市大学 210 innopac
香港大学 210 innopac
香港教育学院 210 innopac
香港科技大学 210 innopac

Mores Z sources:
Cataloger's Toolbox
delicious z39.50

Discussed importance of librarians having a PLN - Personal Learning Network
(Communication + people = PLN) or it could be called PLE = Personal Learning Environment
To be part of a PLN, you need a communication tool, such as Twitter
or through wikis, blogs, listservs, nings because it's "real time, simple, mobile adaptable, searchable." While listservs "pushes" the information to you, nings can "pull and push" information.
Excellent summary of PLN by Lucy Gray.

Tips for Tweet

Communication and Collaboration

  • Life and career skills
  • Learning and Information skills
  • Information Media and Technology Skills
  • Core subjects and 21st century themes

Discussed use of widgets (small programs that you can imbed in your web page)
e.g., Clustermaps is a mashup that is widget that can be imbedded in blogs/sites as a means for tracking who is following.

Variety of tools

Issuu (publishers’ tool)

Digital Citizenship discussion

Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Resources for Educators

Digital Video
Take a look at Commoncraft video on RSS feeds

Tip: Go to iTunes and then podcasts and search for "U" (We learned that you can upload podcasts to Destiny)

Digital Storytelling

Center for Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
Other tools
Pecha Kucha Night
Presentation Zen

Social Networking for Librarians

Digital Librarians Join this one!
Library Youth and Teen Services 2.0
Teacher Librarian Ning
Teacher Librarians Diigo

Recommended books, videos and digital sources

Video Lectures: Academic Earth
Growing up Digital: The Rise of the Net Generation by Don Tapscott
Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky
Julie Lindsay's blog regarding going global and the flat classroom