China Kids Lit Practice Questions (June 1, 2007) Set #1

1) Pseudonyms: Give the more common pen name of the British authors born
A) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
B) Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell)
C) Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot)

2) One for all and all for one
A) Name this title character of a an 1844 Alexandre Dumas novel, whose real name is Edmond Dantes (The Count of Monte Cristo)
B)Dantes’ troubles began after he picked up a letter on this Mediterranean island where Napoleon was exiled.
C) The treasure was actually buried on this other Mediterranean island. (Monte Cristo)

3) American Literature’s Home Sweet Homes
A) Scarlett O’ Hara’s plantation was called this name wistfully. (Tara)
B) The cursed residence of Hawthorne’s Pyncheon clan was named (The House of Seven Gables)
C) Laura Ingalls Wilder’s title Wisconsin home (Little House in the Big Woods)

4) Comic Book Characters
A) The third Red Skull arranged the plane crash that killed this teenager’s parents and left him in the care of his Uncle Ben. When that uncle was murdered, he devoted his life to fighting crime in Gotham City. (Spiderman)
B) This character first asked “What’s up, Doc?” in Texas Avery’s A Wild Hare. (Bugs Bunny)
C) Before making his trademark laugh, this other cartoon character would ask “Guess who?” (Woody Woodpecker)

5) Traveling Authors and Characters
A) This man’s time as a diplomat in Madrid inspired the Conquest of Granada. After a trip to the American West, he wrote “A Tour of the Prairies” and his The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon included a famous story about a man who sleeps for 100 years. Name the author of this story as well as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” (Washington Irving)
B) The protagonist of this novel demonstrated his invention to a group that includes narrator Filby and “The Medical Man” before visiting a world populated by Eloi and Morlocks. Name this novel by H.G Wells.(The Time Machine)

6) Unfortunate Endings
A) This famous Hans Christian Anderson character’s statue in Copenhagen’s harbor has been decapitated twice, once in 1964 and again in 1998? (The Little Mermaid)
B) He was wounded while working in Italy; he wrote about his injury in his novel in A Farewell to Arms. (Ernest Hemingway)
C) Its mother is killed by Penny after a rattlesnake bit, and Fodder-Wing Forrester names it Flag. Jody Baxter raises it for about a year, but it keeps eating the corn and tobacco plants on their Florida farm. Name the title fawn of Marjorie Rawling’s novel. (The Yearling)

7) Literary Characters and the Actors Who Portray Them
A) This young British actor’s first role was David Copperfield in 1999. While working with Jamie Lee Curtis on Tailor of Panama, she noted his resemblance to the scarred title character of a popular fantasy series. (Daniel Radcliffe)
B) Originally billed as a comedy, this Shakespearean play involves the romance of Portia and Bossanio, and their ill-fated friend, Antonio, who enters a disastorous loan with the villain of the play, Shylock, who was recently played by Al Pacino. Name this play (The Merchant of Venice)
C) After this man’s apprenticeship to Mr. Fezziwig ended, his fiancée left him because she said he loved gold more than her. Name this miser in Charles Dicken’s holiday favorite, played by actors such as Bill Murray and Patrick Stewart. (Scrooge)

8) Japanese Poetry
A) this type of poem with three lines of five, seven and five syllables, traditionally contains a "season word" and a "cutting word." (Haiku)
B) The haiku originated as the first verse of this type of collaborative poetry. (Renga)
C) This type of five-line poem, divided into a three-line section with haiku meter and a two-line section with seven syllables in each line, provided the basis for the renga form. (Tanka)

9) Books Turned into Movies Turned into Musicals
A) The Broadway run starred Idina Menzel as Elphaba and Kristen Chenoweth as Glinda. It tells the tale of an illegitimate, green-skinned girl with a talent for magic. Name this musical. (Wicked)
B) The author of The Wizard of Oz intended his book as an allegory of American economic policies. Name him. (L. Frank Baum)
C) The actress who portrayed Dorothy most famously on the silver screen suffered from depression and died at a tragically young age. Her daughter, Liza Minelli, has had a successful Broadway career. Name her mother. (Judy Garland)

10) Famous Poetry Lines
A) After making a crucial decision, the narrator of this poem doubts he'll ever return to this exact spot; nevertheless, he feels that his choice has "made all the difference." What Robert Frost Poem challenges its readers to be trailblazers? (The Road Less Taken)
B)This poem tells the tragic story of sailors cursed by their actions and includes the famous line "
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink." (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

C) This famous poem including the lines "the meanest thing that he ever did was before he left he went and named me Sue." was turned into a country-western song by Johnny Cash. It's author's latest compilation of poetry, Runny Babbit, was published posthumously. Name this quirky American poet. (Shel Silverstein)