Librarians JOB-Alike 2009

For this job-alike to be most effective it would be beneficial to collate topics and be prepared for some engaging conversation.
We have 2 sessions (12:30-2:30) and (3:00-4:00)

How would you like to best spend that time and what would make it most meaningful-- since we have face-to-face contact.
Please submit your suggestions! Each of these topics can be linked to a new page for additional discussion before the conference? Let's do a little brainstorming.

1. Personal learning

What does your own personal learning look like--what tools, resources do you use?
What is most effective? How do you stay up-to-date, organized?

2. Information literacy program

What does your information literacy program look like?
What kind of collaboration do you have? How connected are your technology and library programs?

3. Online databases/ Consortium

Online databases--which ones have been most successful?
How do you get your staff and students using them?
Consortium options?

4. Mother tongue collections.

5. Reading programs

Good reads/reading programs

6. Magazine subscriptions

7. Networking

ACAMIS librarians share some common concerns that are unique to working in China. What is the best way for ACAMIS librarians to communicate with each other? Is it through this Wiki?? Should the Yahoo listserv be phased out?? How can librarians new to ACAMIS know how to join?

8. Professional development

Would it be valuable to discuss a symposium like the one presented at ALA midwinter 2009 on From Linking to Thinking by David Weinberger and Nova Spivack?

9. Librarian standards

Standards for ACAMIS' Libraries?

10. Teacher resources

Teacher resources within the library collection.**