March 11

07:30 – 08:30: Registration of Participants
08:30 – 08:45: Morning Refreshments
08:45 – 09:30: Welcome
Mrs. Anne Fowles – ACAMIS President Dr. James Koerschen – Head of School, Concordia International School Shanghai and ACAMIS Vice President
09:30 – 09:50: Keynote Address: “Sustaining the Brain for 21st Century Learning and Leadership” Joanne Spence, International Speaker and Trainer for Brain-based Learning
We know about standardized testing, academic rigor, extended day, accelerated learning, competitive college applications and extra-curricular programming. Are these compatible with the latest discoveries in neuroscience? How do we apply these discoveries to our schools and to our lives so that we SHINE?

10:00 – 12:00
Session 1: Librarians
Who Knows What —and How Do I Know It? A Workshop on Evaluation
**Debbie Abilock**
Young people need evaluation skills in a participatory digital world. Yet, they ditch our checklists and forget our mini-lessons in the dizzying
of doctored data and journalistic fabrications remind us that “truth” is complicated. Who is an authority when everyone is an author? How do culture and context impact evaluation? Can technology show us whom to trust? Strategies for students (and teachers) in school and for “real.”
The second half is an interactive workshop to explore practical challenges of teaching information evaluation

12:15 – 13:15:Lunch
13:15 – 14:00: Optional Activities
1. Tour of School 2. Tech Corridor 3. Massages – Head to Shoulders (10 minutes) 4. Wellness Opportunity
14:00 – 15:45
Session 2: Librarians
1. No More Cat and Mouse: What Research, Practice and Common Sense Can Tell Us about Teaching Students to Do Honest Academic Work
**Debbie Abilock**
Are you playing cat-and-mouse with student plagiarists? Do they
print out everything - but still forget to attribute quotes or ideas? If
why wouldn’t they take short cuts? They’ll tell you that Wikipedia is common knowledge and, besides, you just don’t attribute “mashups” anymore. We’ll take a look at what the research says has the greatest impact on student learning, drives motivation, and builds reading comprehension. Then we’ll examine some student work, and identify curricular designs and teaching strategies that will ring true to your students.
2. Enriched Content: Link Here, There, Virtually Anywhere
Larry Gilbert, Follett International
Learn how to transform your automated library system into a “knowledge center” that strengthens the library-to-classroom connection. This session will address essential learning needs and opportunities that will help drive student achievement and information literacy by giving your school library access to these curriculum-support tools.
16:00 – 18:00: Reception

(The Shanghai Literary Festival has been gracious enough to put aside 25 tickets for the 5 pm author presentation on Saturday, March 12, at M on the Bund in Puxi. Once a person has registered to attend the ACAMIS Conference, to secure one of the SLF author tickets, that registered person must email Christina Mayers at to secure one ticket.)

March 12

08:30 – 09:00: Arrival at CISS
Morning Refreshments
Mrs. Anne Fowles – ACAMIS President
09:00 – 10:00:Keynote Address:
Green initiatives at Concordia – environmentally intelligent
Dr James Koerschen, Head of School, Concordia International School Shanghai
10:00 – 10:20: Refreshments

10:30 – 12:00
Session 3: Librarians – Two sessions to be run concurrently
1. Teaching Visual Literacy
Debbie Abilock
Decoders, fluent readers and finally expressive readers and writers – these stages apply to visual literacy as well as to reading print. In an image-drenched world, we’ll consider the “rhetorical situation,” examine some signs and symbols, and see how point of view results from the interaction of the reader, the audience and the medium. We’ll consider some emerging issues, such as visual plagiarism, and practice some reading and teaching strategies, such as determine authority and bias using photographs.
2. Customizing your Homepage with Destiny
Larry Gilbert, Follett International
Learn how to incorporate logos, designs, pictures and more by customizing your Destiny homepage. This session will provide tips and tricks on how to add your own personal touch to the Destiny program for your colleagues and patrons.

12:15 – 13:30: Lunch
13:45 – 15:30
Session 4: Librarians – Two sessions to be run concurrently
1. Basic Copy Cataloging for Librarians and Their Assistants
Jenny Chao, Database Specialist Concordia International School
If you or your library assistant needs tips for cataloging materials, then attend this productive session. Jenny Chao, an MLS-accredited cataloging librarian who has been cataloging since 1985 stateside, both in the public libraries and school libraries, will show attendees a practical approach to cataloging. She will have on hand tutorial- type materials that are for all school librarians using any type of online catalogs.
2. The Research Toolkit and Teaching Students to Understand and Use It
Johanna Schooley, Elementary School Librarian, Concordia International School
Johanna Schooley is an Elementary Librarian who has worked in international schools worldwide. She has integrated information literacy skills into both American and PYP school curricula. Johanna offers a wide perspective on teaching students and teachers the importance of locating age-appropriate sources from many different media. From this session you will learn about “tools” that should be an integral part of your school’s “Research Toolkit” and some “tricks” that will help you to teach your school community the benefit of using books, periodicals, and databases as places to look for information answers other than Google.