8-9 March 2013, Beijing City International School (BCIS)

Librarians Conference - Speaker Doug Johnson, Director of Libraries and Technologies, Mankato, MN
School Libraries in the 21st Century
Workshop materials - - includes links and slides.

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9-10 March 2012, Nanjing International School (NIS)

Librarians Conference
Dr. Carol Gordon
Agenda 2012

11-12 March 2011, Concordia International School, Shanghai

Librarians Conference
Debbie Abilock
Agenda 2011
Panda Book Award discussion

March 2010

Librarian's Conference
Kevin Hennah

12-15 March 2009

Librarians Conference

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Notes--(collaborative style) from conference

ACAMIS -- 2006

Librarians Conference

See 4th Annual ACAMIS Librarians Conference, March 9, 10 & 11, 2006 Hong Kong for details of Conference Schedule, Round Table Minutes, and more photos.